Matt believes that it is so important for children to grow and learn in a balanced and loving way. Yoga for children does this and it is most suited for 5 to 12yrs age. This is when children are learning about themselves and their world and good habits and experiences in this time will benefit them greatly in later life. Matt believes this is where he can make a big difference to help children grow and reach their full potential.Yoga for children balances their bodies, their minds and emotions which is so important as they move into and through teenage years.

The benefits of kids yoga are many including:

  • Gives them a strong and flexible body
  • Improves their co-ordination and self awareness
  • Allows them to have fun in a safe and learning environment
  • Allows their creativity and unique personality to shine
  • Balance the release of hormones which can tend to be erratic with poor diet and lack of exercise

When Matt teaches kids yoga it is about having fun and allowing them to be expressive and creative but at the same time it is an educational tool in which they learn about themselves and their bodies and the world around them.

Matt’s intention when teaching kids yoga is to:

Awaken the full potential in every child so they shine their light. 

Matt has taught kids yoga in various capacities through group classes at Schools to private or small group sessions in homes. In the past he has held school holiday sessions and has co-ordinated Family Yoga at Mangrove Mountain Ashram which is an amazing experience for both kids and parents – for details see Satyananda Yoga’s website . For a number of years Matt has taked kids yoga into primary schools through the Active After School Program and he also has experience teaching teenagers.For more great photos of YogaMatt in action go to Facebook: Yogamatt – yoga & massage