Acro Yoga is a form of body work that blends partner yoga, acrobatics & partner massage. It draws on traditional disciplines of yoga, gymnastics, acrobatics and combines it with a hint of fun and adventure. In acro yoga a base and flyer work together to complete various postures, which can eventually be linked together in a sequence or performance routine.

Acro Yoga is dynamic and heaps of fun. It can challenge you by having to face your fears and you learn trust of yourself & your partner. It is a great confidence booster. Matt loves the saying:

“Life begins on the edge of your comfort zone”.

This form of yoga is good for any age – especially kids and teenagers, they love it. No experience is required just an open heart and willingness! If you are interested in acro yoga for yourself or others then please contact Matt, it can be used for team building and confidence boosting and is great to do outdoors on the grass.