Welcome to Sravan Yoga

“The human body is designed for movement. When you’re able to move freely, effortlessly and in harmony with your environment, you experience joy and vitality on all levels of life.”
– Deepak Chopra, The 7 spiritual Laws of Yoga

Yoga teaching is Matt’s passion because it’s a way of living for him and it works! Matt believes yoga is very relevant in today’s busy world as it helps us find our centre of balance on a physical, emotional and mental level. Not to mention other benefits of; increased flexibility and strength, improved digestion, improved mental clarity & focus, more relaxed, plus much more…

Yoga classes with Matt consists of the following elements:

Hatha Yoga

An ancient system of yoga devised to purify the body & mind and balance the flow of energy (prana) in the body. This will improve your; flexibility, strength, immune system and mental focus.

Satyananda Yoga

A traditional system of yoga taught by Satyananda Yoga Australia and Bihar School of Yoga (India) comprising; asana (postures), pranayama (breathing) & relaxation/meditation. This holistic approach provides something for the body, the mind and the soul.

Yoga Nidra

This is a trademark of Satyananda Yoga and it is a guided relaxation practice done from a lying position which everyone can do! Nidra means sleep so this practice is a “yogic sleep” where the body and mind have complete rest allowing for rejuvenation and balance.


Most of us spend so much time in the externalised state with our focus on everything around us which causes us to become disconnected from our true inner being. Meditation develops the “inner connection” and helps us understand who we are and how our mind works but it requires us to look within. One of the great benefits of meditation is it teaches us to become still and in that stillness comes great healing, vitality and health on all levels

Other Yoga elements that you may find interesting/or of benefit include:

Nasal washing

A simple practice in which warm saline water is poured in through one nostril and out the other resulting in cleansing of the entire nasal passage. This has a positive influence on the eyes, nasal passage, throat, and sinus ducts. People who suffer from congestion, hay fever, headaches, sinus troubles, throat/nasal infections, blocked noses are likely to greatly benefit from this practice.

Yoga cleanse

An intestinal washing practice that uses asanas (postures) and the consumption of warm salty water resulting in the purging of the entire digestive tract. This is highly beneficial for those who suffer constipation or irregular bowel movement. On an energetic level it clears blockages and boosts prana (life force energy) which we can all do with.

Yogic cooking

“We are what we eat” holds very true and Matt knows the great benefit of consuming food that is wholesome and easy to digest. Yogic cooking is a vegetarian based diet that utilizes fresh produce along with grains, pulses and Indian spices. If you have gluten intolerance and allergies then this cuisine is great for you!

Matt conducts cooking workshops which are hands-on and heaps of fun – contact for more info.